Chili Sauce

Chili Sauce has been on my list to make this year. We love it over cream cheese on crackers or tortilla chips, or mixed into meatloaf. So tasty!

So, this morning we harvested the garden:

Seeing the beautiful basil harvest, we added pesto to the list for the day, and picked enough peppers for the chili sauce.

The real star of the day was this beautiful machine:

Rather than peeling all the tomatoes, we blended them up leaving them slightly chunky. We also used it to chop onions and peppers, and it blasted through 4 batches of basil and Kale pesto. It’s quick becoming our most used appliance!

Anyway, we had enough tomatoes from the garden to fill the pressure canner pot with chili sauce! It was a triple batch, with a huge bowl of tomatoes left to eat fresh! Yum.

We let the chili sauce summer and reduce for 2.5 hours, then bottled it up! For the recipe, I made some acceptable edits to the Ball canning cookbook recipe to make it more like my Mom’s recipe. It turned out delicious! Her recipe doesn’t add any bell peppers, we just put in Jalapeños. It also has a hint of curry powder. Yum!


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