Blessings of Beans

Maybe it’s silly-but I often pray for my garden. 
We’ve been out of canned green beans for several months. I knew we majorly needed beans as we were going into the gardening season, and purposefully planted about 100 feet worth of beans. When they started to sprout they also started getting eaten. They’ve been sad piddly little things from the start. There’s a couple sections that actually look okay, but the rest are just sad.

When I noticed they were being eaten by something, I tried everything I could think of to save them. Sprayed them with soapy water, set out traps, etc: to no avail. Finally whatever it was stopped-but they still never grew much after that. I prayed and prayed that I would have enough beans to can, but figured maybe it was just a prayer that didn’t need to be answered.

Well-sometimes our prayers are answered through other people. Today is the second time we’ve been blessed to Bottle Beans this year. And only a handful came from my garden! The rest came from family and friends who had an abundance. I’m so thankful for their willingness to share! ❤️

My sister and I spent 5 hours yesterday working on beans, salsa, and sweet pickled peppers (cowboy candy). Yum! I’ll post the cowboy candy recipe in a bit!


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