We’ve been out of canned green beans for several months now. It’s been so sad! I set aside a lot of garden space so I could grow tons this year. But my beans have not done well at all! 😦 Many got eaten, and the ones that survived that have been small and not very productive. I’m going to try a different variety next year-hopefully it will do better!

So-when my Mom texted me and said her beans were doing great and would produce more than they would need I happily agreed to come pick for her.

We picked on Thursday when we were visiting, then we headed to their house this morning and picked and picked and picked some more!

We got home and I settled down to snap. 4 hours later-we were ready to can! Haha! (The Handsome Gentleman kept the goombah’s happy and dug a hole for our new bat house-pictures of that later I hope!)

Goombah 1 and Goombah 2 helped me a bit with the snapping.

It might seem like a silly thing-but I’ve been thinking all day about how my prayers were answered today. I’d been praying and hoping that my beans would produce enough to can this year. They didn’t-but my Mom’s did. So I was still able to bottle beans like I was hoping! Hooray!

30 pints and 4 quarts of beans!


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