The Quest for peas: part two

Miss part 1? Here it is.

So, I’ve been hesitant to share this, because I just know that once I do they’ll all die. Lol:

The peas are looking beautiful!

In years past I think I’ve tried to plant too early, and I haven’t had the best seeds. For me, I need to wait until the end of March, and buy seeds from my local nursery. I find that locally owned nurseries have the best products, advice and info, because they know your local climate better than anyone else. Hooray for small businesses!

Hoping these continue to do well! We’re one step further than we normally get. They actually sprouted and are growing! Haha!

Part 3


4 thoughts on “The Quest for peas: part two

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Awesome! We usually go by the rule “peas between Presidents Day and St Patricks Day” in Portland, but this year was unseasonably cold and wet and so ours are JUST starting to act like peas and grow, oy vey!


  2. tradingdesksfordirt says:

    We’re up in Canada, and I’ve never put plants in the ground before our May long weekend, the third weekend in May. (We’ve seen spring snow too many times before then.) Peas don’t usually look that nice until near the end of June. Yours are looking fantastic!
    – Christine


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