The quest for peas

Story time:

I have never had a grand success with growing peas. I plant them every. single. year. But they never work very well! This has probably been happening for 4 years now. I’ve even tried peas in a container! Well, I’m trying again, and hoping for the best! I planted seeds yesterday when Goombah 1 was at preschool, Goombah 2 was riding his trike, drawing with chalk, digging with me, and getting in to other various forms of mischief :P, and Goombah 3 was sleeping in the stroller (yay!).

Anyway-back to the story. Peas just don’t like me. I ordered a new variety of Strawberry plants to try this year, and we’re going to be putting them in a new place, so I pulled the old strawberries up from the long skinny raised bed, and put the peas there. While I was there I also decided to plant a row of spinach. It did well for us last year, so here’s hoping for a repeat performance!

I plan to put some pepper plants and basil in this bed after the spinach and peas are done, which I think will work well. Peppers grow relatively slowly, and don’t get huge. And-now everyone knows I need to weed. Hah. 😉

Things I changed about the peas: I spaced out the seeds. I saw an idea online where they planted three closely spaced rows (about 1 1/2-2 inches apart) with the individual seeds in the rows about that far apart as well. We’ll give it a try! I hope it works. :/ If not-we’ll do something different next year. Hahahahaha.    ha. 😛

Part 2

Part 3


4 thoughts on “The quest for peas

  1. Kathy says:

    I hope they work for you. Fresh peas are the best thing in the world! I always had great peas in CA… 😉 We shall see about here.


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